Bringing You Industry-Specific Expertise

We at TSM focus on our customer’s business model, product line, requirements, and timelines in order to tailor-make the best available logistics solution with cost optimization as per their industrial background. Our dedicated team of experts partner with you, to invent and efficiently implement smart logistics solutions to the specific needs of your business.

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Our industrial logistics solutions give you the right balance between quality, cost, flexibility, and end-to-end standardization. With our integrated Project logistics solution, we cater to many different sectors of industrial machinery and euipment logistics.

The variety of different types of products that fall in this category are widespread. Examples for the sector could be heat exchangers, industrial columns, pressure vessels, scrubbers, reactors, generators, compressors, tanks, transformers and steam/ gas turbines, boilers, cranes, valves, coolers, spare part deliveries just to name a few. Whereas products such as smelting furnaces, cutting & slitting lines, presses & dryers or mills & crushers i.a. are typical products used in the other above mentioned sectors.

Because each project is unique, our team designs together with you and drives the success of your industrial project from end-to-end

  • Turnkey solutions for out of gauge, oversized and heavy lift cargo around the world
  • Customized management of your industrial project by a single point of contact connecting directly with our local experts
  • Feasibility study and risk assessment: our experts analyze, design and implement solutions, taking into account necessary regulations, product specifications, customs constraints or any other issues specific to your project
  • Freight forwarding and logistics capabilities available on request on all continents
  • Multimodal transport (Ocean freight, road transport, rail, air freight) with no weight or size limitations


Just-In-Time Logistics And Established Processes

At TSM, we understand the specific challenges facing the mining industry, such as extremely remote job sites and tight time schedules, or the difficulties involved in finding a reliable logistics partner. Which is why we provide equipment and materials for all types of mines, steel mills and aluminum smelters, earth moving equipments (Excavators, Loaders, Scrapers, Trenchers) shipped to any part of the world just in time.

From Mine planning, mineral handling, and processing to metal smelting and refining, we see ourselves as an extension of our clients in their respective supply chains, providing the best in terms of both cost and service.

We refer to transportation and logistics for mining emplacement and extensions where the end-user is a part of the mining industry or a supplier to it

  • Segmented approach
  • Detailed route studies and cost estimation
  • Procurement practices
  • Timely delivery of heavy and oversized long-lead items (Machineries and equipment’s)


Comprehensive Automotive Logistics Services

The efficient delivery of parts and finished vehicles to consumers is a vital part of the automotive industry’s work. The flow of components from numerous suppliers in various countries must be strongly coordinated to ensure a smooth manufacturing and assembly process. TSM offers integrated supply chain solutions to the automotive sector, including sourcing and supply of raw materials to manufacturing plants, outbound automobile delivery to end customers, and aftermarket logistics. We offer a range of transport modes, including road, rail, ocean, and air freight.

Automotive solutions are backed by:

  • Inbound Logistics ( Multi-suppliers collection, Packaging design, re-packing, quality checks etc)
  • Outbound Logistics ( RoRo service, Port Handling, Pre dispatch inspection)
  • Aftermarket (Stock management, order preparation and shipping, spare parts distribution)



Energy industry encompasses the largest number of projects and installations worldwide with key financial values without which other industries would not exist. As developing economies continue to expand their production facilities to meet growing demand, the number of Energy projects around the world is constantly increasing.

TSM works closely with the major players of energy sectors:

Oil & Gas

Exploration and production companies, seismic companies, drilling companies, support vessel operators, refineries, pipelines, equipment manufacturers, offshore subsea contractors, EPC providers.

Renewable Energy

Wind farms, hydro projects, geothermal projects, biomass projects, solar power plants.


Heavy Fuel Oil / Diesel engines, emergency solutions, gas power plants, coal plants, nuclear plants, gas turbines, BTG (Boilers, generators, and transformers), off-shore wind turbines, hydro-electric equipment, etc

Throughout our Energy sector TSM provides a full range of supply chain services for the entire ENERGY vertical

  • Operational know-how and methodology including route surveys with definitive solutions
  • Multimodal international transportation including barging, chartering, heavy-lift, and out-of-gauge transportation
  • Tailored packing solutions
  • Logistics solutions including warehousing on-site & off-site, inventory management
  • Customs & regulatory compliance


Most Adapted Solution To Guarantee Supply Chain Optimization

Infrastructure is the foundation of growth and economic development and TSM has a long-standing commitment to creating responsible infrastructure. Sustainability is an integral part of our approach to business and work practices.

Economic growth is fueled by better connectivity and TSM aids to the businesses who are involved in building Roads, Runways (Airside Infrastructure) & Elevated Corridors (RREC), Railway Construction, Railways Systems & International Infrastructure to keep the wheels of economies moving.

Explore our Turnkey ‘Design and Build’ solutions backed by experience and capabilities across multiple Infrastructure sectors, such as:


Aerospace industry supply chains are increasingly governed by stricter safety regulations, just-in-time processes, reduced repair cycles and after-sales performance commitments. Therefore, TSM offers solutions allowing our clients to face major challenges while optimizing the lead time. The supply of spare parts and units from multiple origins, synchronization of line-side or port of call deliveries, delivery and management of flows linked to aircraft maintenance. Simultaneously, our team designs secure, cost effective and scalable solutions.


TSM provides infrastructure solutions that include cross-country railway lines, rail bridges, metro lines, underground / semi-underground railway station buildings and support infrastructure such as rail coach factories and railway yards.


With automobiles and freight movement growing at a fast pace, the necessity for a good road network to carry the traffic is paramount. TSM provides complete transportation infrastructure solutions having executed all-terrain, all-weather roads and highways with built-in structures such as tunnels, major and minor bridges, cross drainage works, and toll plazas. We have mastered the art of dealing with complex geological conditions ranging from Himalayan terrain to urban agglomerations.


Dedicated Supply chain solutions for pharmaceutical logistics

TSM understands the industry’s critical demands and recognises the life-saving power of the goods we transport on behalf of our clients. We adhere to the highest safety standards and comply with industry and government regulations when it comes to pharmaceutical products, vaccines, medical devices, supplements, and healthcare FMCG.

Our healthcare expertise is founded on:

  • Specific procedures to ensure cargo safety and security, compliance with health and sanitation regulations, and strict cold chain management
  • Temperature-controlled air and ocean transport with real-time temperature monitoring
  • Value-added services, such as packaging, delayed differentiation and product labelling, order preparation and kitting, and so on.
  • Logistics support for the transportation of promotional materials/items

If you're wondering how to move it, we have got you covered with exceptional global logistics solutions.